Experienced senior executive with an extensive background in technical/operations management and global leadership experience.

Values-driven, customer-focused executive with solid achievements in general management as well as technical and operational leadership for all size firms, including multi-national experience. Exemplary leadership characteristics with a proven ability to attract, develop, motivate, and retain top-quality staff.

I believe in the importance of clarity of purpose, measurement of action, transparency, and continuous improvement. I work tirelessly to achieve success through an example of open, accessible, ethical, consistent leadership centered on clearly articulated values.

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March 2007 to December 2016

Rocket Gaming Systems, Las Vegas, NV

Chief Operating Officer

Privately-held designer and manufacturer of linked, interactive slot-style casino games and cabinets, primarily for Class II Native American and Washington State Class III casinos. Each year over $1 billion of sales transactions are reliably managed and reported on through the company’s network. Headquartered in Las Vegas with operations in Illinois, Oklahoma, Texas, and Vancouver, British Columbia. Recruited for this role by company’s owner following an unsuccessful acquisition bid. Charged with bringing sustainable process and professional management to the company and to function as a strong second to the company’s founder and CEO.

Responsible for day-to-day operations with direct oversight of Business Processes, Human Resources, Marketing & Communications, Production, Research & Development, Sales, and Service (approximately 200 employees).

  • Strategy: Introduced a consistent, sustainable framework for strategic planning, including annual goal setting to incorporate group and individual performance with company-wide progress. Led efforts, as necessary, to reset goals to control costs in alignment with declining revenues during recessionary periods.
  • Introduced company’s first clearly defined statement of values and associated processes for guiding daily decisions in accordance with those values and for the recruitment of top-quality talent who share similar values.
  • Human Resources: Established a framework to align company goals to fair and consistent performance appraisals. Created leadership training, counseling for low performers, and company-wide employee recognition programs. Formalized succession planning and developed a transparent career ladder resulting in greater retention of top contributors looking to achieve long-term career objectives at Rocket.
  • Operations: Developed programs to ensure that all departments had documented, repeatable process, procedures, and quantifiable metrics. Led the development of tools for gauging and reporting operational efficiency resulting in a greater commitment to achieving shared goals.
  • R&D: Recruited top-tier engineering talent to replace low performers. Stabilized company’s systems technology; led efforts to identify and acquire state-of-the-art platform technology resulting in a 122% improvement in game development productivity in first year following its integration, and a 533% improvement by year five.
  • Sales & Marketing: Established integrated, regionally-focused Sales teams for greater responsiveness. Introduced company’s first formalized product training regimen as well as mandatory product training and testing for Sales staff. Led Marketing team effort to improve same-unit sales through active merchandizing and promotion. Oversaw company’s customer growth from 76 casinos in the first year to 137 by year three.
  • Support: Achieved higher levels of customer satisfaction by unifying installation, field support, call desk, and product support functions into one Technology Services team with a single leader and clear goals. Introduced a dedicated customer advocacy role, unannounced field inspections, automated call desk monitoring, tiered response levels, consistent problem escalation, and other best practices to ensure quality service.
  • Communications: Chiefly responsible for reporting on company operations to key investors and other major stakeholders.

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January 2002 to March 2007

Aristocrat Leisure Ltd., Las Vegas, NV

Vice President, US R&D (2002)
Chief Technology Officer (2003–04)
Vice President & General Manager, Global Systems & Platforms (2005–07)

A global leader (ASX: ALL) in casino gaming technology including games and back-office systems for customers in over 90 countries with annual revenues in excess of $1.1B. Recruited to bring engineering discipline to Aristocrat’s US team following this Australian company’s acquisition of a Las Vegas-based slot machine manufacturer. Successively promoted to global responsibilities after demonstrating consistently strong performance and technical leadership.

Vice President & General Manager, Global Systems & Platforms, 2005–07: Principal visionary behind company’s globally successful casino back-office systems technology, System 7000 Prime and OASIS 360, which collectively manage over 250,000 slot machines worldwide. Spearheaded a platform-centric, “whole product” philosophy to encourage a third-party eco-system for an improved overall customer experience. Conceptualized architecture of the underlying technology, led development efforts to increase functional interoperability, and standardized the user experience across product lines. Spearheaded development of server-based gaming initiatives. Key member of strategic acquisition committee resulting in the successful acquisition and integration of Elektronček of Slovenia (2005, A$48M) and the server-based video lottery company, EssNet of Sweden (2006, A$70M).

Chief Technology Officer, 2003–04: Promoted to CTO and successfully oversaw worldwide Research & Development, including over 350 employees in games and systems development teams at company headquarters in Sydney, Australia, the US, and South Africa. Made organizational clarity a focus so that project ownership and delivery accountability were clear throughout the business. During my tenure as CTO and in my subsequent role, Aristocrat experienced strong demand for its products resulting in an all-time high in its stock price by February 2007. Established processes for encouraging the surfacing of technological innovation and protecting that intellectual property. Represented company interests worldwide at trade shows, on industry panels, and with key customers. Represented Aristocrat as a board member of the Gaming Standards Association, chartered with establishing industry-wide technical standards for the casino gaming industry.

Vice President US R&D, 2002: Responsible for day-to-day operation of games and back-office system development teams, including both creative and technical personnel. Designed and executed immediate strategy for consolidating resources from multiple locations into one, Las Vegas-based center of excellence for greater efficiencies of operation. Successfully engaged a team of veteran technology experts from outside the gaming industry to stabilize and rebuild the reputation of the company’s fragile systems technology. Introduced extensive use of automation for quality and compliance validation. Replaced unstructured, waterfall-style development with fundamentals of the Unified Process resulting in clearly defined project milestones, transparent views of risks, and thus greater confidence by the business and its customers.

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March 1996 to January 2002

TurboPower Software Company,
Colorado Springs, CO

Director of Marketing (1996)
Vice President (1997–98)
President (1999-2002)

An acclaimed maker of software tools and libraries for professional software developers using C++, Pascal, Delphi, and .NET on Microsoft Windows and Linux. Recruited as a customer to grow the company through marketing; successively promoted following strong performance. Took company from a loss to a consistently profitable position by trimming unsuccessful products, eliminating waste through process, and expanding/optimizing sales channels.

President, 1999–2002: Relentlessly focused on profitability. Eliminated low-earning distractions to focus on core products. Diversified support options resulting in reduced costs. Introduced technologies to broaden product appeal to a larger domain of customers. Transitioned TurboPower to designing and licensing applications, such as debuggers, code profilers, and IP protection systems, to reduce costs, improve margins.

Vice President, 1997–1998: Optimized operational efficiency by leading the development of internal systems for order fulfillment, product support, delivery, and service. Engaged company’s global user community to inexpensively assist in technical support. Introduced low-cost electronic distribution and trial software that led to future sales.

Director of Marketing, 1996 : Re-branded company’s look and mission. Spearheaded regular, multi-channel customer communications and recurring interest in the company’s web site. Introduced the company’s first online ordering system and more than doubled its network of global distributors.

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January 1994 to December 1996

Liberty Real Estate Group, Boston, MA

Director of Information Technology

Liberty Real Estate Group was a subsidiary of Liberty Financial Companies specializing in limited real estate partnerships, and particularly real estate related to the hospitality industry. LREG was the country’s largest single franchisee of Residence Inn hotel properties.

Responsible for systems, security, and applications technology for company’s 100+ employees. Managed department’s development of key technologies for daily collection and analysis of data from affiliated hotel properties so as to apply yield management techniques to optimize room rate pricing. Designated a key employee and chosen to assist in the wind down of company’s portfolio of business following a 1995 decision to divest from limited partnerships as a result of changes to US tax law.

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July 1989 to December 1993

Liberty Financial Companies, Boston, MA

Software Engineer

Liberty Financial Companies was a financial subsidiary of Liberty Mutual consisting of Liberty Securities, Liberty Real Estate Group, Liberty Asset Managment, and other related companies.

Hired as a software engineer focused on a variety of PC and DEC VAX programming tasks. Designed and developed a variety of end-user reporting and IT-management systems, including company-wide technology for deploying and controlling access to licensed applications software. Introduced company’s first educational programs to help end users maximize their productivity with company’s technology.


Published in InfoWorld, Dr. Dobb’s Journal, Software Development,
Byte, and other industry magazines.

A list of articles is available upon request.


Bachelor of Arts, Boston University,
College of Arts and Sciences

Memberships & Affiliations

Senior Member, Institute of Electrical and Electronics
Engineers (IEEE), 2003—present
Member, Association of Computing Machinery, 2003—present
Member, IEEE Computer Society, 2004—present
Board Member, Gaming Standards Association, 2003—2004


Leadership, strategic planning, team building, recruiting, mentoring. Exceptional communicator and presenter. Began career as a software programmer and maintains a wide-ranging knowledge of operating systems, programming languages, tools, and software development methodologies. Contributor to various published patents. Published widely in the technology trade press from 1993 to present. Extensive references available.